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I mostly post about people in spandex and occassionally cats.

I make fanvids, do memes, liveblog things on Netflix, and generally like "so bad it's good" things.

I used to run a Power Rangers sideblog (5-4-1) that I have since retired because most of the stuff just ended up here anyway.

Positive Lady Characters
[1/5] Friendships » Kimberly & Aisha

Positive Lady Characters[6/6] Quotes » Vida Rocca

Positive Lady Characters
[6/6] Quotes » Vida Rocca

Positive Lady Characters[5/6] Quotes » Astronema

Positive Lady Characters
[5/6] Quotes » Astronema

I just bought the original Pokemon theme and PokeRap on iTunes and I regret nothing.

Also, the fact that the Tumblr tags auto-complete the the theme song is amazing.

underrated power rangers meme
day one → an underrated red ranger

Positive Lady Characters[4/6] Quotes » Divatox

Positive Lady Characters
[4/6] Quotes » Divatox

Positive Lady Characters[3/6] Quotes » Charlie

Positive Lady Characters
[3/6] Quotes » Charlie

Positive Lady Characters[2/6] Quotes » Madison Rocca

Positive Lady Characters
[2/6] Quotes » Madison Rocca


It blows my mind that gokaiger is so over and hyped up when its the most shallow fucking sentai show ever that literally has as much substance as a episode of keeping up with the kardashians